Relationship science Practical tools to love with Marisa Cohen

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Relationship science Practical tools to love with Marisa Cohen

Zensensa speaks to Marisa Cohen about the science of relationships and how this can be applied to your relationship.

We discuss her book From First Kiss to Forever: A Scientific Approach to Love

Today we explore what sciences have taught us about love and relationships and how you can use this in a practical way to improve your relationship dramatically.

You will get the best relationship advice and relationship tips that modern science has to offer and it will change your relationship.

It’s time we get away from self-help advice based on someone’s personal experience that they think applies to everyone else.

Science really has unraveled the mystery of relationships and why some relationships are full of safety, support, love and excitement and why others are full of conflict and toxic patterns.

If you want a long-term loving relationship then this is a must podcast to listen to.

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