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Breaks and accelerators.

Today I want to talk about Breaks and accelerators of desire.

Breakers are what stop or reduce sexual desire.

They are responses that can be triggered by issues in relationships, work, medical conditions, shame, bad body image, smell, children etc.

Accelerators are what turn us on.

Until we remove the breaks the accelerators will not be very effective.

Let’s look at subtractive and addition:

This means that our internal systems either subtract or add to desire when it monitors our basic needs.

It’s not only stress that can be a break.

Hunger, being cold, tiredness and other basic needs out of balance will put a damper on sexual desire.

Finding a way to ensure these needs are meet will add and make sexual desire flow.

How we feel about sex is key to how we experience it.

Forget the “should” there is no such thing just cultural norms.

There is no right or wrong.

Learning to be none-judgemental and accepting is the key to enjoying the extent of our pleasure.

Once we see that our needs are natural and we accept them, rather than judge them as good or bad we can be free to explore and enjoy fully.

Forget orgasm and focus on pleasure as the goal.

This relieves the pressure and stress, and allows you to be in the moment.

We get a lot more in to all the subtractors that can inhibit desire in other videos.

For now I just want you to be aware that they are there.